About Us


Textoth is an in-house content writing team that offers high-quality, 100% original content writing services for your website and business. Quality content at an affordable price is our promise.

Story Behind Textoth

Palash Talukder, our founder, is a professional writer and affiliate marketer. He outsourced articles from various sources in his online marketing campaigns and affiliate blogs. Consequently, he discovered that SEO content has high demand now and it will more in the future.

That is why in 2020, Textoth was formed with three members. Since then, we are continuing to grow our team and now produce search-engine-optimized content for 100+ clients worldwide.

Now Textoth is a professional service that provides high-quality content/articles tailored to our client’s requirements across all industries.

Our Mission

We provide high-quality content that will propel your business to the top. As a team, we ensure that your conversion rates will never suffer as we create content that converts.

We Work For…

Whatever industry you’re in, high-quality content is necessary to engage your audience. We’ll provide this for you.

💎 Agencies

We partner with top agencies to provide the content of their clients.

🌐 Brands

We write custom content for any brand—big or small.

📖 Publishers

We support digital publishers by providing quality content for their different sites.

🏪 E-commerce

We write SEO-optimized product reviews, descriptions, and web pages.

Meet Palash, Founder & CEO

I am Palash Talukder, a professional writer and affiliate marketer since 2017. I have created Textoth for those individuals seeking high-quality content for their website and business at an affordable price. As a team, we believe in one passion–writing quality content for both readers and search engines.

Our team of experts provides free consultancy to help you get quality content for your website or business. Fill out our contact form and we will be in touch right away!


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You can have a look at our sample essays to make sure you receive the level of quality you are looking for before making a decision to work with us.