Is Associate Degree Capitalized? Explained

Is Associate Degree Capitalized

Have you ever wondered whether to capitalize “associate degree” or not? As someone who has earned an associate degree and worked in the field, I know the confusion that this question can bring. Today I’ll be sharing the burning question: is an associate degree capitalized? Get ready to clear up this grammatical dilemma, and make … Read more

Is Spring Break Capitalized? Find Out Here

Is Spring Break Capitalized

Are you wondering about the proper capitalization for the term “spring break”? You’re not alone! People are curious about the correct capitalization for this popular time of year. While the capitalization rules can be confusing, we have the answers you need. Here, we will guide when to capitalize “spring break” and help you understand capitalization … Read more

How to Use Comma Before Especially?

comma before especially

The comma before the word ‘especially’ is a tricky punctuation mark. It can be used to make a pause in your sentence, or it could be used to add emphasis on what you’re about to say next. In this article, we’ll cover how comma before especially is properly used in different cases and provide 3 … Read more


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