6 Best Content Writing Tools For SEO

Are you looking for the best content writing tools for SEO? Do you want your content to rank on the first page of Google? You will need a tool that can help you with this.

SEO is a part of any business in the current digital age. As the search engine optimization industry continues to grow, that’s why the importance of SEO increasing day by day.

SEO is no longer just a discipline that’s restricted to webmasters and programmers, but it has become an indispensable part of marketing for any business.

With so many content writing tools available on the market today, but how can you know which one is best? 

In this post, we will review six different content writing tools that are currently being used by businesses around the world.

We will also discuss what makes them unique from each other and give you recommendations for when they are appropriate to use!

6 Best Content Writing Tools for SEO (Free + Premium)

(1) Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor

This is a free app that helps you write better by highlighting long sentences or complex words and phrases so you can revise them before publishing your work.

Using this free online app, you can identify hard sentences, passive voices and then make it easier to read and understand. This tool is also great for content writing and editing.

It has a desktop version that lets you write and publish online or offline. This app also allows you to save your work as a draft, and export it to a PDF or doc file. The pro desktop version costs only  $19.99/year.

The free online version of Hemingway is enough for highlighting any issues of writing.

(2) Blog Topic Generator Tool

Blog Topic Generator Tool

The tool is an automated blog topic generator that will help you generate blog topics to write about. You can use it if you have a hard time coming up with blog post ideas, or as an inspiration for new articles and content.

It features nine categories of article ideas like “How To”, “Inspirational Stories” and more. That’s why it is a great content marketing tool to use.

You can generate blog topics for any topic, industry, or niche. It’s completely free and you can use it to make your blog posts more interesting by finding new ideas.

Once you have come up with a topic, it will suggest blog post title ideas to help get your creativity going for the content. The suggested titles are very helpful because they give you an idea of what type of article or blog post would be best suited for that particular subject.

(3) Surfer SEO Tool

SerferSEO tool

Nowadays, on-page optimization is a must if you want to attract organic traffic from search engines and rank well in the SERPs (search engine result pages). 

Surfer SEO tool is a comprehensive program that helps you with on-page optimization. It will show you how to use keywords, create content and provide actionable information for your website or blog. 

This tool is also helpful for extensive keyword research. You can also easily identify new topics and find related ones based on popularity and search volume.

It will help you write better-optimized content that processes and make it easier for you to succeed online. Surfer SEO tool is a premium tool, but you can use its trial offer for 7-day at only $1. After the trial period, its price starts from $29/month.

(4) SEMrush Writing Assistant

Semrush writing assistant

The best way to write content is to use a service that will help you. The SEMrush Writing Assistant is an excellent resource for writers. It can save your time and advice about the content that should be written.

It is a premium feature of the SEMrush tool that lets you access an extensive resource that can help you write your piece. Furthermore, their team has been writing for many years so they know what are good practices when creating great articles.

With this SEO tool, you can research low-key topics/keywords and find the words to use in your article. If you are interested in this tool, check out SEMrush’s site for more information. 

SEMrush’s Writing Assistant is a valuable tool for bloggers, writers, and creatives. The 7-day free trial lasts just long enough to see if it’s worth $99/year.

(5) Grammarly

Grammarly tool

Grammarly is another excellent SEO content writing tool that you can use to evaluate the quality of your content.

It provides a wide variety of features for correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Grammarly is an excellent tool because it has advanced language-detection algorithms which allow it to detect any mistakes in writing style or linguistic slip-ups like word misuse, typos, or clichés.

It also has a plagiarism checker that will find any duplicated content on the internet and offer suggestions for rewriting.

The premium version of Grammarly includes an extensive vocabulary builder which allows you to type words into their system and then get a list of synonyms to choose from which can help you produce more creative content.

The pro plan starts from $22/month. But for those who can’t afford the cost, Grammarly offers a free version of its basic features.

(6) Canva

Canva tool

The Canva tool is free online design software that helps people create something out of nothing. It’s simple to use and has everything you need for your work, including text, images, videos, shapes, etc.

The best thing about this amazing app is the simplicity in designing anything from business cards or logos to presentations or posters with no time and no cost.

The Canva tool has a library with over 100,000 images that you can use for your projects as well. You don’t need to search or buy anything because it is all there in the app! 

Canva also provides an option of downloading any design from the website free of charge. You can use images from the Canva library or insert your own.

It’s a very great app for marketing, graphic design, and advertising purposes. With this tool, you can save time, money, and most importantly- stress! So why not? Try for a 30-day free trial.

In Conclusion

Overall, these 6 best SEO content writing tools are a great way to start your writing journey. You can continually use or try a free trial to know what tool is best for you.

According to our research, these tools are great for their features and can help with most content writing needs.

With these tools, you will be able to write better and more quickly SEO optimized great content.

So what are your favorite SEO Content Writing Tools? Comment below?

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