Is Associate Degree Capitalized? Explained

Have you ever wondered whether to capitalize “associate degree” or not? As someone who has earned an associate degree and worked in the field, I know the confusion that this question can bring.

Today I’ll be sharing the burning question: is an associate degree capitalized?

Get ready to clear up this grammatical dilemma, and make sure your degree title is written correctly from now on.

What is an Associate Degree?

An associate degree is an undergraduate degree that you can earn in two to three years.

It’s a great way to earn the foundational knowledge and skills you need to pursue various academic and professional goals.

An Associate in Arts (AA) degree is an excellent option for those looking to transfer to a four-year college to continue their studies. It provides the most flexibility for most majors.

With an associate degree, you can save time and money as it takes less time to complete than a bachelor’s degree.

So, if you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to further your education and career, an associate degree is a great choice.

Is an Associate Degree Capitalized

When discussing an Associate Degree, the words “Associate” and “Degree” are not capitalized in the generic sense.

For example, an individual may say, “I am working towards an associate degree.” This is the correct way to write it without capitalizing either word.

However, when referring to the specific area of the degree, such as a Bachelor of Science in Biology or a Master of Arts in Music, the name of the degree should be capitalized.

Additionally, when using the full title of the degree, such as Bachelor of Science in Biology or Master of Arts in Music, an apostrophe is not used.

In summary, when discussing a generic associate degree, the words “associate” and “degree” should not be capitalized.

However, if you are still a student and want to know about spring break capitalization, here is the guide is spring break capitalized or not?

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing About an Academic Degree

  • Don’t capitalize general references like bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree.
  • Don’t capitalize majors, academic programs, and degrees.
  • Don’t capitalize words that don’t have any significance or emphasis.
  • Proper nouns and formal names of departments and individuals should be capitalized.
  • Don’t capitalize academic degrees in your statement unless the degree directly precedes or follows a name.


What is the correct way to write associate degree?

The correct way to write associate degree is “Associate degree,” with no apostrophe or “s.”

Should I mention an associate degree?

Yes, you should mention your associate degree on your resume if it is relevant to the position you are applying for. Listing your associate degree would be helpful if it’s the highest degree you have earned.

Is the associate degree capitalized in AP style?

No, according to the Associated Press Stylebook (AP), an associate degree should not be capitalized when referring to degrees in general terms. AP recommends no capitals when referring to degrees such as associate degrees, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate. However, specific degrees should always be capitalized (e.g. Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts).

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